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April 7, 2010

Life as an Illegal Immigrant

There’s some pretty “interesting” conversation going on re: a video we posted on You Tube recently. Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y9wf-Jfe5Q. Seems like a lot of people get pretty passionate on both sides of this very difficult issue. I guess my question would be: How would Jesus want us to respond to our fellow human beings whether they’re in this country legally or illegally? I realize some of the people we’re talking about are in our country illegally, but at some point, I wonder if we’re called to respond to these people out of a greater law than the law that giverns us here in the United States…what about the Law of Love for our fellow human beings? Jesus calls us to love not only our brothers and sisters, but our enemies as well. What would that look like in this situation? How could we respond to “Illegal Immigrants” with the kind of love Jesus talks about in Scripture? How could we serve these people with Christ’s love? I think the only way to begin answering some of these questions is to learn to think about other peoples’ needs before we think of our own…to begin humbly seeing ourselves as servants of others, rather than the center of the universe. Jesus, please give us all that kind of strength. Imagine what kind of world we could build together!

daveambrose @ 8:48 pm

March 22, 2010

Healthcare Reform

With all the controversy surrounding Obama’s new Healthcare initiative, it got me thinking about my own spiritual health. I wonder what my spiritual doctor would say if he or she could look into my soul? Am I too busy? Too pre-occupied? Is it difficult for me to be truly present because I’ve always got too much on my mind? Why do I always feel the need to multi-task? Can’t I just be content doing one thing at a time? Can’t I just be content spending time with God alone? What am I afraid of anyway? If my spiritual doctor could look into my soul, I wonder what he or she would think about my constant need to be busy doing something? Why is it so difficult for me just to be quiet and be alone doing nothing? And where are all these questions coming from anyway? If I truly believe that I am actually a spiritual being currently inhabiting a physical body, why do I worry so much about the physical side of life and not pay enough attention to the spiritual…the most real part of my life?

Wow! maybe it really is time for a spiritual check-up!

daveambrose @ 3:28 pm

March 4, 2010

God’s Kingdom

The Kingdom of God is where God rules and reigns, where what God wants to have happen actually happens. This Kingdom is available to us today. This is not a place where Christians go after they die. This is a Kingdom available to us today. All we have to do is listen to the voice of God and obey. Sounds simple right? Then why is it so difficult to live in this Kingdom? Why do I get frustrated so often? Why do I mess it up so often? God please help me live the way you would live if you were here living in my body today…

daveambrose @ 9:09 pm

December 7, 2009

Addicted? No Way…

What’s amazing to me is how many years I “struggled” with my addiction before I was willing to admit it was an addiction. I called it a “problem”, an “issue”, something I was “struggling” with…but that word ADDICTION stood out to me. Surely I couldn”t be an “addict”. An “addict” was someone who had to check into a rehab clinic or get some serious help. An “addict” was homeless and out on their own. There”s no way I could be an “addict” because I was still able to “manage” my life on my own for the most part…or was I?


Wow! I’ll never forget that day when it finally hit me – I AM POWERLESS OVER THIS “ADDICTION”. I can”t do it on my own. There has to be Someone who can help me. I hope there’s Someone more powerful who can rescue me. That was the day I started getting better. The day I finally felt enough pain to force me down a path of recovery. The day when I was finally able to say, “Hi, my name’s Dave, and I’m an addict.” We won’t start getting better until that day. The day we completely surrender control of our lives to God…the day we ultimately determine that we can’t handle life on our own. We need God’s help and we need help from other people who can come alongside of us and offer healing. I’m so grateful for that day…and I want to live TODAY out of that gratefulness and thanksgiving!

daveambrose @ 5:29 am