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April 7, 2010

Life as an Illegal Immigrant

There’s some pretty “interesting” conversation going on re: a video we posted on You Tube recently. Check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y9wf-Jfe5Q. Seems like a lot of people get pretty passionate on both sides of this very difficult issue. I guess my question would be: How would Jesus want us to respond to our fellow human beings whether they’re in this country legally or illegally? I realize some of the people we’re talking about are in our country illegally, but at some point, I wonder if we’re called to respond to these people out of a greater law than the law that giverns us here in the United States…what about the Law of Love for our fellow human beings? Jesus calls us to love not only our brothers and sisters, but our enemies as well. What would that look like in this situation? How could we respond to “Illegal Immigrants” with the kind of love Jesus talks about in Scripture? How could we serve these people with Christ’s love? I think the only way to begin answering some of these questions is to learn to think about other peoples’ needs before we think of our own…to begin humbly seeing ourselves as servants of others, rather than the center of the universe. Jesus, please give us all that kind of strength. Imagine what kind of world we could build together!

daveambrose @ 8:48 pm