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December 7, 2009

Addicted? No Way…

What’s amazing to me is how many years I “struggled” with my addiction before I was willing to admit it was an addiction. I called it a “problem”, an “issue”, something I was “struggling” with…but that word ADDICTION stood out to me. Surely I couldn”t be an “addict”. An “addict” was someone who had to check into a rehab clinic or get some serious help. An “addict” was homeless and out on their own. There”s no way I could be an “addict” because I was still able to “manage” my life on my own for the most part…or was I?


Wow! I’ll never forget that day when it finally hit me – I AM POWERLESS OVER THIS “ADDICTION”. I can”t do it on my own. There has to be Someone who can help me. I hope there’s Someone more powerful who can rescue me. That was the day I started getting better. The day I finally felt enough pain to force me down a path of recovery. The day when I was finally able to say, “Hi, my name’s Dave, and I’m an addict.” We won’t start getting better until that day. The day we completely surrender control of our lives to God…the day we ultimately determine that we can’t handle life on our own. We need God’s help and we need help from other people who can come alongside of us and offer healing. I’m so grateful for that day…and I want to live TODAY out of that gratefulness and thanksgiving!

daveambrose @ 5:29 am