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March 22, 2010

Healthcare Reform

With all the controversy surrounding Obama’s new Healthcare initiative, it got me thinking about my own spiritual health. I wonder what my spiritual doctor would say if he or she could look into my soul? Am I too busy? Too pre-occupied? Is it difficult for me to be truly present because I’ve always got too much on my mind? Why do I always feel the need to multi-task? Can’t I just be content doing one thing at a time? Can’t I just be content spending time with God alone? What am I afraid of anyway? If my spiritual doctor could look into my soul, I wonder what he or she would think about my constant need to be busy doing something? Why is it so difficult for me just to be quiet and be alone doing nothing? And where are all these questions coming from anyway? If I truly believe that I am actually a spiritual being currently inhabiting a physical body, why do I worry so much about the physical side of life and not pay enough attention to the spiritual…the most real part of my life?

Wow! maybe it really is time for a spiritual check-up!

daveambrose @ 3:28 pm